I had the most amazing experience and I plan on coming back. I did a chemical peel with Brittany who was super sweet. We even discussed a skin care routine for me as I wasnt taking the best care of my face. I plan on coming back for sure.

Heather D.

They made a special Saturday appointment for me- I had the entire spa for 2 hours. The injection went painless and Perfecta’s office staff made my experience great. Definitely recommend this place!

Irina B.

I went to Perfect57 at the suggestion of a friend and I’m so glad I did!  I’ve been wanting to get my lips done and botox but kept putting it off because I was nervous (I hate needles lol)  Alice was amazing and so patient with me.  She answered all my questions like a trooper and put me at ease. Thank you, Alice for a great experience! I’ll be back my next visit to NY!

Angela D.

There’s a lot to say that’s good about Medspa, and no I’m not a paid client or a friend.  I saw them on gilt city for cool sculpting.  My fiancé needs to loose a lot of belly weight, and I thought this could help.  After he did the research he pulled the trigger, and called them to schedule the appointment.  He purchased the large area, but he needed multiple section. Medspa honored the price on gilt when he arrived for the other sections.  It’s been almost 3 months, and I see a difference in him.  The place is beautiful, and the staff is welcoming without being pretentious for the area which is nice.  I’ve gone myself for a stimulator peel with Daniella. Very nice, and guided the whole way speaking just enough.  She was also knowledgeable about skin, and what could be the next step for my skin care.

I had wanted to do an acne laser, but after they pushed to see my skin they steered me away from that procedure and recommended less invasive steps to reach my skin goals.  I’ve been to other medical spas where they don’t care and will take your money and give you the procedure, and send you on your way.  I’m thankful this place isn’t one of them

Dililah S.

I had 2 coolsculpting sessions at Perfect57 and I am so happy that I did it. At first, I was hesitant about coolsculpting and came in for a consultation. After consultaion, I decided to have 1 session and right now I am so pleased with results. It’s been 3 months since, I love my results and that’s exactly why I decided to leave a review.

Hellen V.

Since my first visit to Perfect57 my skin have improved so much and look so much better. The staff are great!

Jodian M.

My first experience was extremely satisfying and rewarding.  I am looking forward to going back and trying some of the different services offered at Perfect57.  The staff was welcoming, kind and very knowledgeable.  The state of the art equipment and relaxing ambiance made my visit memorable.  I love the spa’s location, it’s central to everything.  It was a perfect way to spend the day, receive a treatment and then go right out to dinner afterward.

Mariana C.

Very courteous and nice people, gorgeous office and professional equipment-that’s what I noticed when I came in for a treatment consultation. I decided to get it done and it went really smooth. It was a 5 star experience.

Sasha N.

I absolutely love this place. I have done the cool sculpting and tight sculpting so far. Both times it was a smooth, pleasant process. I told my mom about this location and she plans to come in for the ultherapy. The space is very tastefully done, it has a modern feel to it with latest equipment and technologies. Rooms are light and comfortable. You don’t feel like you are at the doctor’s office, but rather at a luxury spa.  The staff is amazing, all of my questions were answered and I was accommodated based on my schedule. I actually was able to get the same day appointment twice. Micheline is the best. She really cares about your experience and works around you as much as possible. She is very knowledgeable and can consult you on most procedures. If you are coming in for a cool sculpting, Lani is wonderful. She guided me through the process and stayed in the room until I felt comfortable. She explained to me every sensation that I felt during the procedure, which was very comforting to me. Overall a great find and definitely a keeper.

Alissa A.

I’ve done two procedures already at Perfecta. The facial cool sculpting procedure with Lani and botox and Juvederm injections with Alice. I’m happy with both! It was very professional and friendly. I was explained how the procedure would be done, what I should expect on the next day and all other details. Alice does injections very gently! No pain or bruising afterward. And the location is great! From now on I’m a dedicated client for sure!

Irina P.

I got my lips done here and absolutely went from having zero top lip to a gorgeous new smile with natural plump lips. I am thrilled with the results! The staff is super friendly, patient and caring! I highly recommend this MedSpa!

Michelle S.

I was extremely anxious about my first appointment. I was warmly greeted and felt instantly relieved. Space is sun-drenched and very inviting. All of my questions were answered and I felt very comfortable! This will be the only place I go for my cosmetic needs. Michelina is the best!!

Austin B.

Loving everything about this place! All the technicians are knowledgeable and professional and cater to my needs, the place is clean and the owner is super friendly and nice. Very happy with my results and definitely will come back for more treatments!

Karen C.

First time getting anything done at perfect57. I got my lips done and I was definitely nervous at first. But the moment I walked in the staff was so warm and welcoming that it made all of my nerves go away. Micheline greeted me at the front with a big smile and she also numbed my lips. She is definitely a great asset to this location. The actual procedure for getting my lips done went super smoothly. Alice did the procedure and she was great. She listened to all of my concerns and I left very happy. My lips are full and plump with great definition yet they still look natural. If you stopped me on the street you’d never know. Definitely, go check out Alice at perfect57! The only place to get anything done without anyone knowing your little secret!!!

Dustin E.

This MedSpa is definitely worth your attention. Their staff is very courteous and professional. Before performing any procedure they will examine your skin to pick the best treatment option and only then will perform the procedure. In 6 months I am coming back!

Marry K.

It was my first experience at the new Medical Spas location with no reviews on yelp, but this is an exclusion. The reason I chose them was a convenient location and that I could have my appointment confirmed over the phone the same day. What surprised me at Perfect57 is that I didn’t feel myself like I’m in a hospital area. I felt there very relaxed and while I was filling out the forms I was offered a cup of hot tea as it was very rainy in Manhattan yesterday

I’d like to share my experience with injections I did yesterday. First time in my life I was offered a numb gel to be applied on my underarms before the Botox injection. And to be honest the injection procedure went pain free. Thank you Alice for a great experience! I will definitely be back!
In conclusion the office is new and clean.

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and I had absolutely no problems with anything there.

Alex M.

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