Restylane Silk Lip Filler Injection in Manhattan, NYC

Restylane Silk in Manhattan, NYC

Restylane Silk was created to provide patients with a more precise lip shape that other fillers are not capable of delivering. Restylane Silk is a combination of hyaluronic acid compound that is formed by our bodies and lidocaine. Restylane Silk lip filler uses smaller particles of hyaluronic acid than other lip fillers to ensure precise, personal results. It was FDA approved for lip augmentation and its components are processed by the human body

Restylane Silk at Perfect57 Medspa

Prior to a lip injection, we offer a free consultation with our clinician to craft a personalized treatment plan. At Perfect57 MedSpa our facial aesthetic professionals use an ultra-fine needle to inject Restylane Silk into the delicate lines around the lips. A combination of a tiny needle and lidocaine – a medication used to alleviate pain — provides our patients with a typically comfortable experience. The entire lip injection procedure will last about 30 minutes and you will be able to continue with your daily activities shortly after the injection.

Benefits of Restylane Silk



Our clinician can precisely contour hyaluronic acid to deliver accurately shaped results.


Restylane formula allows physicians to create natural looking lips without “overpowering” the area.



Restylane Silk is an FDA-approved lip filler and has been injected thousands of times.

Restylane Silk Works Best to

  • Define cupid bow’s
  • Enhance lips’ to eye relationship
  • Improve lip volume

Perfect57 Medspa Promise



We understand that every client is different therefore provide everyone with an individual assessment plan to choose a treatment that will work for you.



You can relax at Perfect57 Medspa. Spacious rooms, gorgeous NYC views and courteous staff are always at your convenience and will assist at your first request.



Our manager will follow-up in a few days to make sure that you are satisfied with the results. If there is something wrong, let her know and we will try to acomodate your request

At Perfect57 Medspa, We Take Safety Seriously

Most of our customers in NYC are fit to receive Restylane Silk injection. Nevertheless, prior to your injection, we perform an initial evaluation to see if a chosen treatment method fits you. You can sign up for a free consultation with our clinician to further determine if Restylane Silk is a perfect option for you.

How Long Is a Recovery Process?

There is no recovery process after a Restylane Silk injection.Side effects may include swelling, redness and bruising and considered to be common after similar lip injections. Most side effects subside within the next 5 days. You will be able to resume your daily activity after the injection.

How Can I Achieve the Best Results?

Results will be noticeable soon after the procedure. Although results vary, most of the effects can last up to 6 months. Avoid taking aspirin prior to the treatment. Adverse sun exposure after the treatment can inhibit Restylane results. Avoid physical exercises and any manipulations of the targeted are for 24 hours after the administration.


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