ZO Skin Brightening Facial

11 Step Facial That Reduces Brown Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Facial Discoloration

ZO Skin Brightening Facial in Manhattan, NYC

ZO Brightening Facial was developed by a skin care expert Dr. Zein Obagi. ZO Brightening Facial takes advantage of the latest scientific developments to increase cellular activity of your skin, restore skin radiance and make it more resistant to weather conditions.

Benefits of ZO Skin Brightening Facial


There is no recovery period and you can continue with you activities after the facial


Shortly after the treatment, you will be able to notice pleasant improvement of your skin


ZO facial was designed to act gently on your skin making the entire experience comfortable and relaxing

How Does ZO Acne Peel Work?

  1. ZO products are fortified with lactic, citric and salicylic acids that are used during each step to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation while optimally hydrating the skin.
  2. To lighten and brighten, a mask containing arbutin and green tea from Bio Therapeutics is applied, followed by an infusion of powerful antioxidants aimed at blocking melanin production and stimulating the production of healthy cells.
  3. The treatment concludes with Violet LED light therapy to even out skin tone and texture, reduce hyperpigmentation and promote skin repair and healing.

Perfect57 Medspa Promise



We understand that every client is different therefore provide everyone with an individual assessment plan to choose a treatment that will work for you.



You can relax at Perfect57 Medspa. Spacious rooms, gorgeous NYC views and courteous staff are always at your convenience and will assist at your first request.



Our manager will follow-up in a few days to make sure that you are satisfied with the results. If there is something wrong, let her know and we will try to acomodate your request

ZO Brightening Facial at Perfect57 Medspa

The entire treatment takes about 1 hour and consists of 11 steps. Prior to the treatment, our staff will cleanse your skin to remove any makeup or oil. The Facial itself includes skin exfoliation, peeling, hydrating massage, brightening masque and many other applications. During the treatment, you will feel a pleasant warm sensation. There is no recovery or downtime and the best part is that you will be able to see results immediately.

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ZO skin health products provide optimal solutions that refines your pores, smoothes lines and fights acne scars in a gentle and effective manner

Who Is a Candidate for ZO Skin Brightening?

ZO Skin Brightening Facial was designed to brighten skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and hydrate your skin cells, so if you are looking to perfect any of the aforementioned problemsZO Skin Brightening Facial might be the best option for you. To further determine if ZO Skin Brightening Facial is right for you, take advantage of our free consultation that we offer at Perfect57 MedSpa.

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