ZO 3-step-peel



Our ZO 3 Step Peel is a multifunctional peel that repairs moderate to heavy photo-damage, including melasma.  Similar to a TCA peel, this treatment  chemically exfoliates the skin initiating optimal cellular turnover not only on its surface  but also deep into the dermal or foundational layers as well. Your skin will feel and look more firm and the damaging effects of the sun will be gone.

The post-peeling you experience will be mild to moderate. For two days post-treatment your skin will look moderately sunburned,  and feel tight and dry.  On day three and day four you will peel and the dead skin cells will simply shed.  Unlike most peels that are at best superficial, ZO 3 Step Peel yields a result that lasts up to a year, making it the PERFECT investment for those longing for a brighter, healthier skin.


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